I love New York! I've only been there twice but could go again and again. There is something magical about the city, and there is no other city like it. A few years back I had a couple of shoots in New York, I decided since my son was graduating in 2018 that it would be great to do his senior session in the City while I was there for work. We made it work/ vaca and it was great. I've always wanted to see Coney Island so that was a definite stop on our week-long stay. When we first arrived it looked honestly really sketchy. This part of  Brooklyn looked really rough, my husband wasn't sure about getting out and wandering around. Coney Island wasn't even open yet, so the whole area looked deserted and a little pathetic. 

Once things started to open the whole place came alive! It went from no one to hundreds of people in a matter of one hour. All walks of life, there was magic all around us. We only had a few hours, I could have stayed days.

We missed the Mermaid Parade, I was so bummed, but still, the place was amazing. We rode rides, ate hotdogs, walked the boardwalk. I could take pictures all day. If you ever go to New York you have to go to Coney Island, it's definitely worth the trip.

My Son's girlfriend came along for the trip and the four of us really had a blast! As you can see they were very happy to cooperate in my cheesiness. Definitely, want to do again, and this time I will not miss the Mermaid Parade!!! That is a bucket list for sure!