This is the second time I've been to New York, I had the opportunity to shoot there< and I go back in a heartbeat to work there anytime, there is never a dull moment. There are parts that are rough and in the summer the smell in certain areas is harsh, but like any big city, you find gems all around, New York is full of them.

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub is amazing, inside and out. It's a beautiful piece of architecture, surrounded by shops, restaurants and of course the New York Subway the inside is bigger then it appears

This was the mall next to the Transportation Hub

I have to say My son made out big with the photos. How many trips can you have your own personal professional photographer taking pics of you constantly? I am in a lot of the pics, but my son and his girlfriend are much cuter to look at.  Time Square, Brookland bridge, hitting the subway, famous landmarks all between photographing his senior was a mini session every day, we hit everywhere and got some amazing images for his senior session. If you are ever thinking about New York GO!!! All I can say is what are you waiting for!!!