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August 21, 2023

1-2-3, Can You Say..... URBAN JIPSE!!!

June 01, 2022


Prints for your wall, t-shirts for all the looks and feels @urbanjipse.com


June 01, 2022

 Fashion photographer, illustrator, graphic design, prop designer, prop photographer, you name it, I can do it!!! @scottie.magro

Detroit TREND 2021

June 01, 2022

 Outdoor shoot with model Sydney Croft/ Hair and Makeup Jeannie Jackman for Detroit Trend, Photographer @scottie.Magro

Fun home Décor, Items and Gifts from Urban Jipse

June 01, 2022

 Cool items, gifts, and home decor, from your friendly neighborhood Jipse!!! #homedecor, #rochestermi #urbanjipse

Welcome to the Circus Trinket Tray by Urban Jipse Design Co

April 30, 2022

 Adorable trinket Holder

Bags by Urban Jipse Design co

April 30, 2022

 Need a bag...holds a lot of crap!!!

Prints by Urban Jipse Design Co

April 30, 2022