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February 05, 2021


 There are so many things you can do with one image. I love manipulating images on all levels from dreamy and romantic to artistic and creative. Possibilities are endless. It the same in design. Logos and branding take on a whole new lifeform with skill and creativity. One of my favorite things to create for clients is something amazing they would never expect or think to do that just fits perfectly in what they are conveying.  I can do this in my home, in my Ferndale Studio, and on the go. magic at my fingertips!! 




Urban Jipse Deign Co T's and Bags 2020

August 05, 2020

 Fashion t-shirts, cool messenger bags, Wallets, and more.....

Urban Jipse Design Co~ Promo Video

April 30, 2020

Girls & Flowers

March 25, 2020

While in quarantine, I defiantly want to take advantage of time and learn as much Illustration techniques as possible. I took a small class yesterday and here are some of the results today.

lip service~ ujdc

December 10, 2019

Patron St. of Fashion~ Urban Jipse Design Co

November 26, 2019

St. Images from fashion sessions. Fashion Photography From Scottie Magro, Urban Jipse Design Co

Our Lady of BB Willis~ 2019

November 25, 2019

Model BB Willis Prints available in metallic prints~ CIntact for details Scottie magro@gmail.com