My husband and I went to Costa Rica last year. One of the shops Puerco Spin had these Pillows in the window. I was slightly bummed at the time because the store was closed, also how the heck was I going to bring them home? We didn't have the room. I was fortunate to find them online and order as soon as I got home. I ordered in Spanish ( probably said I wanted an Octopus or something Spanish is not that great) Pleasantly surprised they replied back in English! They were awesome about the whole processes and communication was great.... and I love my Pillows.

As soon as my kids saw them they laughed, these look like a cartoon we use to all watch called the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The cartoon was pretty twisted, but that's what we loved about it. The pillows live on my Bed, His & Hers. You should check out Puerco Spin, Thay have  adorable items and you can also find them on Society6