Ok...I'm not an ambassador for Swiss Gear, But I do love telling people about things that I love. I am also a Bag-a-holic and adore a good bag. Here is why I am geeked about this bag and equally geeked to share it with you! First I have a thing for black and white so I was happy to see this
SwissGear Travel Gear1900 Scansmart TSA Large Laptop Backpack In black and white. I  travel a lot and searched for a bag to hold my 17-inch laptop comfortably and maybe my camera gear all in one. Even though this is not a camera bag, traveling with it as one works for me. My camera gear is always with me in the overhead or under my seat, super important!!! This bag is HUGE! Has a ton of pockets galore. It's a "Smart Scan"  Which means you can just open it up and place it through the scanner without pulling your laptop out of the bag ( Well see if that works when I leave for Oregon next month) I can fit my laptop, a tablet, My Nikon D810 with 3 lens ( all I usually travel with) Books, 2 days worth of clothing, all my chargers, plugs, and other fun stuff.  More pockets and pockets and then there's some pockets!! Wallet/credit card pocket, A fob for keys that come out of the bag, phone, earplug spot, place for my sunglasses... you name it. It's pretty heavy with all of this in it together and technically I don't have to put clothing in it, I do bring a small suitcase as well, but it's nice to know how much I can place in the bag if I did overnight somewhere. 

Love the handle, everything is super sturdy

Told you I love black and white (See said items!)

Love the attached fob!!!

It's kind of "Storm Trooper" ish, especially since I have a white coat on, but I like it so far and only taking a few local trips with it. I'm so geeked about my ginormous laptop fitting in it.  It also has the trolly strap for a suitcase. I did spry the heck out of it with Scotchgard just to be on the safe side, I hate my bags getting dirty!  Now off to the "Hoth System!"