Everyone who knows me well knows how much I love coffee. I have been drinking coffee since I was 5 years old. Yes, I said 5!!! I had to get up early 5:30 to be exact! My foster mom felt coffee would help get me going. Every morning I had a bowl of cereal, my coffee with cream and sugar and watch reruns of the muppet show, sometimes it was the 20-minute work out ( you Chicago peeps know) For years I drink my coffee with cream and sugar, then french vanilla, then thanks to Starbucks a Grande Mocha. This past October when I finally decided to try to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle I realized that my beautiful mochas and french vanilla coffee had to go...and it was HARD!!! This was something I have been doing most of my entire existence! I still have coffee, not as much, black most of the time. Tea....no sugar! I'm just starting to get used to it after 4 months. I feel for my friends who are still smoking and have tried to quits time and time again. I'm trying to lose weight, exercise and eat healthier and it's fricken hard!!! Habits are so hard to break, the thing it is really "mind over matter" I want to look good in a bikini but I want that chocolate donuts just a little more. I know what my mind is saying but my pie hole is speaking a different language. I am "craving coffee, chocolate, salt. What I am learning while I am trying to break old habits and live healthier is that our cravings are a lack of something else. I craved chocolate like crazy, started taking magnesium and my cravings are gone! So happy!! I am trying really hard to live healthier. I am struggling but am more than happy to share my struggles and successes. So far I am so geeked to learn that if you crave something unhealthy It's your body's way of saying "hay...I need this!" Here is a wonderful list I found thanks to http://fashionviral.net As for my habits and successes...I'll keep you posted!