We just came back from a very short stay at The Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica  and I have to say it was beautiful! First off, like I always do on a trip is pay attention to the locals, Jamaicans are wonderful and seem easy going. although they move at a different speed, everyone seemed genuinely happy. I love how Jamaicans greet you, always a smile and a hand over their heart. I asked what that actually meant and a gentleman said that they are truly grateful and happy to see you. It is a genuine gesture when greeted that way...I want to great everyone that way now! The Resort was beautiful and very clean!!! Rooms were amazing, We had a beautiful balcony with a daybed, one of our favorite spots! The beach was private, which was nice and comforting. While in Costa Rica even though I loved walking up and down the beach, we really had to keep an eye on our belongings and locals were constantly trying to sell us something. This was very private and quaint.

Picture Postcard Perfect! Because I was on vaca, I only took a handful of photos ( yes this is a handful for me) I had an actual Shoot lined up...Photographing a model on the beach but unfortunately, that fell through, so palm trees were the highlight of my photos. Id take any of these home with me, the shapes and colors were so pretty.

Bamboo Sunglasses

I used my Lensbaby Composer Pro ( hence the amazing blur) For a handful of my mages....I never go anywhere without that lense, it's amazing!

Had my handy dandy Muzen Rosewood Duffle With me on the beach. I was so happy to have a little music for me and my love to listen to. Sun, sand and tunes ( and a strawberry daiquiri here and there!) If you visit Muzen.com and purchase one of their little amazing speakers don't forget to put SCOTTIEMAGRO10 in the discount to receive $10 off your purchase...I love my Muzen so...your welcome!

This is a shadow of a palm.....It turned out kind of cool

I was geeked...I went on vaca weighing 132 and come home weighing 132. There was food and it was amazing, but MODERATION!!!!  

I have not mastered selfies!! I don't think this looks like us. In my mind we should look 20 years younger lol!

Not quite the "YOU ARE HERE" mug but I got my Jamaica Starbucks Mug. This make #28

 Your Photos, In Print

 This was a cool Shot, Jamaica is definatly a window to a different world. The resort was great, I give it a 4 star. The people are beautiful and the short time there was amazing and well earned.