I have been itching for a Kavu Bag for almost 2 years now. My son's girlfriend has one and it's held up well. What took me so long is the decision of what kind, color, and size. There is a huge assortment to choose from. As much as a love e pop of color I knew I was going to be traveling with this bag in a foreign country, So I definitely did not want to stick out like a sore thumb! I played it safe and finally decided on the Kavu Paxton Sling Pack. I like the "boho" feel and this thing is big! 19 x 19 x 5 inches. It has a lifetime warranty which is awesome! I love the design, the rope sling is comfortable and cute.

I used this in Jamaica while we were walking around the city. I love this bag, It holds a lot, it's cute and comfortable. It has a pocket on the back ( you almost can't see it)  that was where our $$ and wallets were. No pickpocketing to worry about! My version is nylon, so it cleans easy. Items we purchased fit in the bag so I wasn't walking around looking too touristy! So far so good....oh did I mention I could fit my camera in this....Cool If I need to use it for an emergency camera bag. I love it, a definite recommendation especially if you're outdoorsy...great for bike rides!