I'm Eclectic!!!!!! I think it's a condition. Its when you like way too much. This makes me feel like I have no style. I like everything and have crazy collections ( like 120 Snoopy's oh and let's sprinkle some robots in there!) My Snoopy's only come out at x-mas. I also have a small house. Like I mentioned in my previous post it's not my dream home and it needs lots of TLC that I am hoping we will be able to give in the next few years. In the meantime and especially because I work from home a good portion of the time, it has to be homy, cute, inviting and looked loved. With that being said I'll walk you around the room~

My living room. I spend a good portion of my time in here because my office sits in the corner. It works, it really does. The kids would be on the couch and I could totally interact with them while working. We have a try level, so my little "desk area" is below the kitchen. Totally perfect spot. I hear everything going on in the house. And when all three kids were home I could easily stop and start whenever I needed to. 

Like my Chair? Thank you Salvation Army! Most of my house is furnished this way.

I like robots! I said that right?

Texture is really important in decor. ( at least in my book)  hence the Ostrich Feathers.  I love a good pop of color, peach, blue, red, especially on a white backdrop. 

I spend a lot of time here....It's where I'm at now. Listing to music ( another important thing I'll be talking about!)