My husband thinks it's crazy that I own a record player. When I listen to music 90% of the time is on our Sonos System  I'm not an ambassador for them but do love our system. It sounds great. It's what I listen to when I'm editing images or cleaning the house. As a matter of fact, I never have the TV on when I'm home alone. It's always music. With that being said I do love my  Crosley Turntable. ( not an ambassador for them either) I just love it. There is something about listing to an old record the way you did when you were young that brings back a whole slew of memories. It places a twinge in your heart that seems far more powerful than a memory alone. It brings us back to a place where we ache to go again. I had a crazy childhood and very few fond memories. For me, something nostalgic may mean more because of that, I'm not sure. I only have a handful of memories that stuck out, that was simple, beautiful and maybe now subconsciously I "ache" for. What's crazy is that at this moment while I am typing I am listing to "Moon" by Alison Sudol on my Sonos but also own the vinyl record. I love it, but have to stop what I'm doing to flip it of course lol! It's slightly grainy...that beautiful grain that only a true vinyl record can produce. When the needle first hits the vinyl and slowly music appears where vinyl static dissipates and then returns when the music is done. That's a sound our children will never appreciate. Its the anticipation of your favorite song almost coming to life and then WHAM! it starts. I loved that excitement of anticipation when I was young. I had a crappy little turntable from a garage sale that I just adored. I owned the records, Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, and Alvin and the Chipmunks ( my collection was not extensive by far) For some reason "Japanise Banana" stands out the most.

My Sonos is great but again Nostalgia kicks in and I have my little Muzen Radio that I adore. It's cute, I can wear it like a purse, take it to shoots, the sound is surprisingly amazing considering the size of the radio. I am actually taking it with us on our trip to Jamaica this spring. Nothing like a little sweet music on a tropic beach! Now I am an ambassador for Muzen, I only promote what I love!! if you purchase one of their adorable radios use the code SCOTTIEMAGRO10 and receive $10 off your purchase. I have to say I plugged in my Muzen radio to my Crosley turntable listing to my Alison Sudol record, and it all sounded pretty sweet!

  "Nostalgia~ a dirty little lie that insists things were better than they seemed"