I don't travel as much as I would love to,  Isn't that what everyone says. I am a vagabond at heart. I am very fortunate to travel the amount that I do. It also helps that I have 3 adult children that live far, so visiting often is something I try to do. This particular trip I was so looking forward to. This particular "family trip" was basically flying my two adult children to Portland ( well actually one drove) And vacationing in Oregon and Northern California. One of the best trip ever! My husband and I don't get to see our two oldest often, so to coordinate this trip was tricky but well worth it. I have to say out of all the states I have lived and visited, Oregon is by far my favorite!!

I was Googling "closet Dr to me" at this particular point in time. That is my son on top, the other two were close behind and it was slippery as heck out there on the rocks. 

My daughter loved the beach! I have to say this was my favorite as well.

Ok, Crater Lake is amazing!!!! Where else can you have an amazing view and a snowball fight in the middle of July?

The three places we visited, Oregon's coastal beaches, The Redwoods In Upper California, And Portland. In a matter of hours, we experienced three different climates and elevations. Oregon is just a beautiful state!

Voodoo Doughnuts was an experience. The line is out the door but the doughnuts were crazy sweet, but clever and amazing...something you have to try once

There's no parking here!

At the time we did a lot of camping, So restaurants I really can't offer you suggestions "Hay eat here" But the experience of being on a beach with no other souls around watching your kids in the distance plucking starfish out of rocks ( carefully and putting them back...we love Patrick!!) Was Amazing! It was in the middle of July, on Cannon Beach with no one else around. Sleeping in a cabin under the stars near the Redwoods, or traveling up to Crater Lake, having a Snowball fight in the middle of July..It was a beautiful memory making trip.